Pre-Order my book: chronicles of living through burnout

I am thrilled, excited, speechless to announce that my very first book is available for pre-order!

Sitting down to write, (kind of) every morning, during the darkest of my days, has transformed me. It has given me a sense of grounding, a sense of clarity, a sense of freedom, that I have never experienced before. Writing became one of my therapies.

In these pages, you will find thoughts that don’t always make sense. Feelings that not everyone would feel comfortable to disclose to the world. Reflections on life, work, achievements and productivity. Most of all, you will find hope. The book will be released on March 9th, in English, and a month later, in Portuguese. You can pre-order a digital copy of the book now, and it will be sent to your email a few days before official launch.

By pre-ordering the book, you show support to the work I have been developing with this book and with The BetterAchiever, allowing me to go further and reach more and people with healthier ways to perceive and do our work.

Pre-order through this link or clicking the image below:

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The Better Achiever is a burnout prevention platform for overachievers and perfectionists,
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