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Carol Miltersteiner,
Writer & Founder

My life mission is to replace burnout for joy in as many lives as possible (including my own). For over a decade, I built my career in digital marketing companies and worked as a manager for a couple of years. After suffering from two burnouts, I realised that my healing goes way beyond health. 

With The Better Achiever, I offer the thought of shifting from doing more to doing better, from overachievement for better achievement.


I believe we can and should accomplish what's really important with integrity and also giving ourselves permission to do the stupid, nonsense, creative stuff that brings meaning and joy to our lives.

I am Brazilian, and I live in the Netherlands since 2017.

Working towards a mission
to eradicate burnout

Bringing the subject to the table

Telling my story in writing and speaking, and encouraging others to tell theirs.

Learning and bringing you along

Selecting and sharing the knowledge and tools I learn to live better, privately or in groups.

All together now

Connecting with people who are invested in the same mission everywhere in the world

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Listening or watching The Better Achiever Sessions. 

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The Better Achiever is a burnout prevention platform for overachievers and perfectionists,
founded by Carol Miltersteiner and inspired by many, many others. 
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.